Iceland Foods and the #poweroffrozen: the Fish Masterclass

Hello, everyone! how was your week? I am finally back in London after a few weeks in LA. It feels so good to be back home to my “crazy daily routine”, even though it seems that Winter weather has taken over the city and the wind and the rain are not exactly what I was looking forward to coming back to! but loads to look forward to, including the final touches in the new house and London Fashion Week, shows 🙂

Today, I wanted to talk to you about one of the funniest events I have ever attended. As many of you may know, a few days ago I was at Cactus Studios (where the Saturday Kitchen Live show is filmed) with Iceland Foods and their Michelin Starred head chef Neil Nugent. If you follow me on Instagram I am sure you saw I was showing you guys some (a lot actually!!) delicious dishes made with fish. Even though we learned about other cooking topics, the entire event was mainly focused on fish: how to cook it, its different varieties and the different ways we can prepare this delicious and healthy aliment.

We started the day visiting one of the stores in Clapham Common, where they showed us some of the food they sell. I really enjoyed walking around the aisles while learning so many interesting facts about food and the company! probably some of you -like me- have in mind that Iceland is a dedicated brand to exclusively frozen foods but, did you know that only 30% of their sales come from frozen? also, I particularly loved learning facts about how frozen food can keep its properties and valuable nutrients much better than ¨fresh food¨. So, for example, a fish that has been caught and has been frozen straight away is actually fresher that a fish that has been caught and has been waiting for someone to buy it for a few days at the supermarket fish counter. Actually, some of these fishes have previously been frozen or transported on ice and they often take over a week to reach the store. Interesting, uh?

After this productive visit, we headed to the studios with the Iceland team where Neil and all his crew were waiting for us to start our cooking class. This was my favourite part of the day (that by the way, literally flew away!!). I am not sure if you know but I am a TOTAL foodie. I love food, I love cooking and I love eating. As an authentic Spanish, the culinary world has always been a big part of my culture, my family, and my daily life. This class actually reminded me how much I enjoy cooking at home while listening to my favourite music and having a nice glass of wine. I find it so relaxing and really helpful to release my stress levels. Over the last few months, I have focused so much on work that I cannot remember when is the last time I did it. So on my to- do list is getting back to it as soon as the new kitchen is finished 🙂

Getting back to the event! we cooked 8 different fish dishes:

•King prawn and parmesan risotto

•Baked cod en papillote

•Steamed sea bass fillets with soy, chili, and garlic

•Pan Griddled tuna with salsa roca

•Grilled trout fillet with toasted almond butter

•Deep fried lemonade batter cod goujons

•Poached salmon served with warm potato salad

Although all of them were just amazing (I mean, AMAZING) I have to say that the tuna was just too delicious. Tuna is actually my favourite fish but this exceeded all the expectations! If you guys would like to give these recipes a try – which I highly recommend as they are actually quite easy and quick to prepare- you can find all these and a lot more here.

We ended the day with the perfect lemon cake and a visit to the studios. I would like to thank the Iceland team, Neil Nugent and everyone else who put so much time, love and effort to make this event happen and of course for inviting me 🙂

I hope everyone has an extraordinary weekend, thanks for being always there, like and comment my pictures and for all your love and support messages.


Irene Lara






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