Stranger Things with Three… Go Binge!


Hello my lovelies!!

How was your week? are you Halloween ready? I have to admit I am OVER excited about trick or treating tonight with little Brooks… who will be around?

Talking about Halloween… I am sure at this point you all have heard about how amazing Stranger Things season 1 was and probably you cannot wait to the release of the new episodes on season 2!!! I was hooked into it from the first episode! if you are a freak like me of this kind of TV show (and some others as well!) and you enjoy watching them at home or on the go you definitely  should keep reading…

Three UK has teamed up with Netflix (and more like Sound Cloud, Apple music or TV Player…) to let users stream without limit their favourite shows and music with no time restriction! you can stream whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want. I know, it is amazing!! infinite content, catching up on the go while going work or having a break. If you are an obsessed user of  Netflix (I certainly am!) this is just what you need.

Also, you can join me at The Binge Club online community to discuss the shows live!

What are you waiting for? Switch to Three today and enjoy the feeling of infinite streaming. Go Binge.

More info here.

Happy Halloween everyone!!!!!!


Irene Lara


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