Yamaha Music: More Than A Gift

Hello everyone!

I hope you had an amazing week. I think I can say this has been the craziest week of my life! As you may already know I spent the weekend in Barcelona and if you follow me on Instagram and keep up with my stories you may nave noticed I have been all around lately! From events to meetings to shows. I have done it all and I can´t be happier and more excited about all the new projects that you will be seeing real soon 🙂

So getting back to my week, I visited the Yamaha music store in Soho (stunning shop, by the way!) on Wednesday. When Yamaha proposed me this exciting collaboration I didn´t think about it for a second: music is and always has been a BIG part of my life. I think that almost every single member of my family play an instrument. When I was little, at home, I always remember running around my family home and listening to my brother on the background practising with his keyboard. Not long after he had been studying piano for 2 years Santa surprised him with this stunning black Yamaha piano. Then, as years went by, classic and electric guitars were always playing at home. At all times, day and night. I remember me getting mad at my brother this time he got kind of obsessed with ¨Sweet child of mine¨  by Metallica (what a song tho!!) while I was trying to study. He would plug his guitar into the amplifier and play this song day and night. No rest. I must say he really mastered it, and now he nails it!

But without a doubt, the first memories I have with music instrument, is my father playing his classic guitar to make me sleep as a baby. I can close my eyes and see him right there, next me to with his bright blue eyes and playing one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard, ¨entre dos aguas¨. It was just pure magic.

Still now, every time I go home I like to go upstairs to the music room and ¨play¨ the couple of songs I can decently play. Or just sit down and read a book. It is one of those places that makes you feel safe, untouchable.

Of course, this room is also my son´s favourite. Since he was just 1, he would crawl up and sneak inside and look at that massive black thing as if it was an space ship. This contemplation soon turned into banging non-sense the keys while my mum would run up the stairs yelling at him and asking him to stop. Now, Brooks is 6 and he this is the second year he is taking piano lessons. Not only music is helping him to focus or to be more rational, I really believe that music stimulates all senses. And it is not just me, there are plenty of studies put there that prove this. That´s why when I took him to the Yamaha store, he decided what he wanted for Christmas this year: an electric guitar (I must say he first went for the drums!!). And honestly, I am so happy he has decided himself this is what he wants instead of more toys and games that he will probably play with for a couple of hours before locking them away on the toys chest. If it was only up to me, I wouldn´t doubt it for a second. Gifting an instrument for kids is never a fail. Kids have that drive and curiosity on them, they have that divine gift of learning and absorbing new information  in an amazing way.

And when it comes to a brand, it is not a coincidence Yamaha is the most known out there. They have it all, any kind of small, medium or big instrument you can think of. And not only that, the quality they offer puts them at the top of the market industry. Their prices are really fair and they offer an excellent guarantee programme and after sales support. Also, if you are around London and are interested in getting an instrument go and visit them at their Soho store, not only they are so helpful, they have amazing offers on all products!

You can have a look at their products here.

I would love to hear your experience on this and what role music plays in your life.

Have an amazing weekend everyone, thanks for always being there, your comments and all the love you send. You are the best!


Irene Lara



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