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Monday again and yes, Christmas is just around the corner! if you have been out shopping over the last 3 days ( or you have ¨tried to¨!) just like I have you must have seen that the Christmas spirit is ALL AROUND and that people has gone literally crazy this weekend, and I suppose the Black Friday weekend has some thing to do with the fact that trying to walk around at any shopping centre or shopping London hub was an absolute mission! If you have decided to do all or some of your Christmas shopping today Cyber Monday, please let me know how it goes! good luck 😉

So with just a month to Christmas eve, I wanted to talk to you today about other kind of shopping that is actually my favourite: food!!! not just the food, I love all the process, from choosing the menu, cooking it, setting the table to all these little details around it. All this of course, while listening to some good seasonal music and drinking a nice glass of wine 🙂

I can clearly remember being a little girl and celebrating Christmas at the the family home in Spain. Surrounded by my family, the open fire, the Christmas carols… preparing for ¨the big night¨ was such a ritual! my mum would dedicate at least 3 hours that day to set the table, arrange the flowers and ornaments. It was just magic! that´s why when Iceland proposed my to be part of this special campaign I did not think about it twice. I am sure you remember they invited me to a Fish event back in May. And I say I am sure because I could not stop telling you how much I loved it and how impressed I was with the quality and properties of the products they sell. It is just amazing! if you want to read more about that even you can find the whole article here. I have been using them since for my weekly grocery shopping ( their home delivery service is OUTSTANDING by the way).

Getting back to the point, I was so happy they thought of me once again for the launch of their new Luxury and award winning range, which is PERFECT to use on any special occasion and of course, for Christmas! so I decided to invite some friends home and throw a party on Friday to try some of the products from the range. And let me tell you, it all exceeded the expectations!

I cooked all and served in the middle of the table so we all could choose what to eat. Everything was delicious and extremely easy and fast to prepare. It all took me less than 40 min to get ready!!! from the Fish section, I bought the Luxury Coconut leaf prawn parcels, which I cooked on the microwave for only 2,5 minutes. Of course, I had to get the Sushi which I had not tried yet before and many of you have recommended. My guests could not believe that it was frozen Sushi! I am amazed of how fresh it is and how GOOD it tastes, HIGHLY recommended! you only need to let keep it out of the freezer for 2-3 hours before serving and voi-la! ready to eat :). From the fish section I also grabbed the Luxury Smoked Salmon Snowflake terrine which you only need to defrost at room temperature for 3 hours before enjoying!

The Chicken Nachos with Salsa dip, the Cheesy Halapeños wrapped in bacon and the Chicken and Chorizo cups took less than 15 min in the oven. You can find these at the Party Food section. If you like a bit of spicy like me, you definitely need to try the Cheesy Halapeños, they are just mouth-watering!

Of course, we needed desserts ;). They were just ready to eat, I chose the Luxury Raspberry and Pistachio layered Pavlova -so Instagrammable!- and the Luxury Sicilian Lemon tartlets (by the way, I declare myself number one fan of these!).


We also accompanied all these with the Luxury plain folded flatbreads and of course some sparkling wine.

If you are looking for high quality luxurious food for a good price, check the whole range here. I cannot honestly recommend them enough, it will surely be my number one option for this special dates and for any special occasions in the future.

I would love to hear your opinion if you have tried the range already or if you are going to, so please let me know!

Have a lovely week everyone!


Irene Lara


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