The Perfect Christmas Celebration With Iceland Foods

Hello guys! how are you getting on with the pre- Christmas preparations? have you done your Christmas shopping yet or (like me) you are leaving it to -literally- the very last minute? I am not sure how I manage to do it but every year I end up getting my presents super late, even tho I keep promising myself year after year that it won´t be like that the year after!

Anyway, that being said I want to talk to you about the AMAZING party event that Iceland Foods invited me to last weekend. If you follow me on Instagram, I am sure you saw at least one of the million stories I uploaded during the event! yes, I get over excited when it comes to food, drinks and nice people 🙂

The whole day was designed around their new luxury products range that they have just launched, I wrote a blog post last week about it that you can read here. You can also see and buy the products here.

When I first saw the plan for the day I could not be more excited! there was  special cocktail making, different cooking sessions for the perfect Christmas menu, table settings and decor space and even a live Ghospel performance.

The event took place at Iceland headquarters is Chester. The place is an stunning open space featuring several stunning kitchens where they cook, prepare and test all their recipes to make the perfect one and get it at their Iceland stores for us to have. It was super interesting to see all the process, and realize it is such a familiar, dedicated team that works with Neil Nugent as their main chef. Probably you guys remember Neil from the previous Fish Event in September (you can see it here).

We spent the day drinking delicious and exclusive cocktails that I must say I had never heard about! the Bloody Mary style prepared with bacon -infused vodka was just a delish!!! I am actually preparing that for the NYE dinner I am having at home this year  -thanks for that Iceland!. But of course, we were not only drinking! we learnt how to cook the perfect Turkey in different ways. The smoked Turkey version smelled so appetising, but the Gilded oven cooked Turkey was just TOO INVITING. I was mesmerised while Neil was explaining how to cook it  and I could not wait to taste it. And OH MY GOD, it did not disappoint. It was the tastiest, most delicious Turkey I have ever tried. You can see how to make it here:

After enjoying this along with some other nibbles like the lobster, we went to the desserts. It was super interesting to see how we can set up a dessert selection on top of some disposable cloth for all of us to share. The decoration was amazing and super fun to make! no need to mention that the melting Chocolate  Snowflake was just the perfect ending to an amazing feast.

Scroll down to see all the pictures, it was so much fun!

And you, have you decided yet what´s on the menu this Christmas? I would love to hear what you have in mind!

Have a lovely weekend everyone and thanks for being there like always 🙂


Irene Lara





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