Badoo made magic happen in Paris

Hello my lovelies!

how are you? are you already on holiday? Whether you are or not, or if you are spending these days at home or away, I hope you are making the most of it 🙂

Before I go into my ever ending Christmas talk (you guys already know how much I love this time of the year!) I wanted to talk to you about an amazing App that I am sure you have already seen me using on Instagram if you follow me there. Badoo is more than a dating site: it´s the place to be when it comes to meeting new friends, find the perfect shopping partner, go to events or even get tips and recommendations -or just chat!- when travelling or being new to a new place or city.

That´s why when one of my best blogger friends was in Paris a couple of weeks ago just for two days on a work trip and asked me where to go or what to do in Paris while she was off I didn´think about it twice: ¨Get Badoo!¨ I said. She wasn´t so sure about it, and she explained me that she had always thought that Badoo is more like a flirting kinda platform. I couldn´t stop laughing when she said this. Of course, you can meet people like that. Actually, one of my friends met her partner in Badoo 4 years ago and after he proposed back In October they are getting married on the New Year :). But Badoo is way more that that. I have used it quite a lot in London searching for people around me with its Nearby feature to find friends with the same interest than me to go for a drink, cinema and of course, SHOPPING!

This being said and after a 5 minutes chat, my friend was downloading the App on her phone and we ended the call there as she was going to get ¨familiar¨ with it. Only 10 minutes after, I received a text from her just saying ¨Thanks, this is so cool!!¨. At that point, I coulnd´t wait to hear her Badoo story even before it had happened!

That same night, she called me to say thanks again and to explain me how much she loved and enjoyed her day off in Paris because of using this App. By using the nearby feature, she chatted with a few people that was around her hotel and only 5 minutes after she came accross Jackes (remember that ¨thank you¨ text?). She though he was nice straight away. Not only he was charming and polite, he seemed to be really funny as well and so they decided to go for a coffee after she finished early work. They met in a charming coffee shop that he suggested her as he claimed it had the best coffee in Paris (and she agreed!). The coffee lasted for over 2 hours and then they decided to take a walk around the opulent and stunning city. He showed her the most historic and iconic places while they laughed and talk and got to know each other.

Time literally flew and they decided to go for late lunch /early dinner to another of the restaurants he recommended and said she could not missed on in the magical neighbourhood or Montmartre. Before they even notice, it was time to go home as she was flight early in the morning back to London. They said good bye and promised each other to stay in touch. And sure they have! endless texting and just two weeks after now and he is coming to London to visit her next weekend! on her own words, she had ¨the most magical, special day out with Jackes¨ and they cannot wait to see each other. I am, of course, the proud friend who made it all happened ;P

So if you guys are looking to have a good time, to meet real people with your same interests, get Badoo and please, share your Badoo story with me! I would absolutely LOVED to hear them!

thanks once again for reading, can´t wait to hear your thoughts!


Irene Lara






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