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Hello beautiful people! How are you? how are you coping with these cold days? (lucky you if you are reading this from the ¨hot¨ side of the globe!). I am literally craving for some sunshine after travelling all around in the coldness. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen I just got back from New York where I have been for 2 weeks for Fashion Week and work. It was absolutely freezing and snowy! And then of course, on my return to London I was lucky enough to experience the worst snow storm in 50 years in the UK. So yes, some sunshine would make me very happy these days!

Today I wanted to talk to you about a very exciting date. It is not really about the date, it is the meaning, what´s behind and what´s involved within. Next Sunday 11th of March it is Mother´s Day. MOTHER´S DAY. I don´t think I ever even thought of the meaning of such a powerful word until I became a mother myself 6 years ago (actually, almost 7 -where did time go?). Being a mum is, without a doubt, the hardest, most exciting and most challenging project of my entire life. Motherhood was never really a plan in my projection of future. I was on my last year of Uni when I received the news after my Global Journalism Tuesday lecture: I was expecting a baby. Sat down and breathed (or tried to). Was that really happening? Was I really pregnant? Was I really having a baby on my own? The encountered feelings were there. And suddenly, everything changed. My whole world changed. Weekend plans or outfits were not something to think about anymore. It was all about that little person who I had not met yet and who became my whole and entire world.

I look back now and a tone of emotions come to me. What a journey! Our perfect little ¨team¨ of 2 (I have always been a single mother) has been through so much these almost 7 years since I did my last exam at Uni at 7 months pregnant and graduated at 8. House moves, country moves, up and downs, endless flus… I can proudly say that every single thing, every single decision, every single step I take I do it for and with Brooks; my son and other half of the team. And even though it was not always easy -and it´s still not!- and I know is a cliché, he changed my life for the best. THE VERY BEST. He made me a better person, he has showed me what really matters and what is real. And he has showed me to LOVE with no limits. And I could not be more proud and happy to call myself his MUM.

It has not been until I experienced this true, unconditional and indescribable AMAZING and magical love that I have realised and actually appreciated the job my mother did and keeps doing everyday with my brother and me. Being a parent means giving everything you have to offer and more. It means living for someone.  It means that the whole Universe stops at a cuddle and a kiss becomes the most effective medicine you could ever have -I told you, it is magical.

That´s why this Mother´s Day I wanted to do something special for my super Mum, so when Links of London proposed this collaboration I didn´t think about it for a second. I worked with them before (remember the gorgeous jewels I was wearing at one of my best friend´s wedding last Summer? check it out here!) and it was an absolute dream! Links of London has been one of my all time favourite jewellery brands so being a part of this campaign is, once again,  a real excitement! If you already know them, you may know they offer engraving services for their products. For the occasion, I have chosen 2 stunning pieces from the Narrative collection: the Narrative 18kt Yellow Gold Vermeil Bracelet and the Narrative 18kt Yellow Gold Vermeil Small Round Disc Pendant.

Both of them have been engraved with very personal messages. For the bracelet, I have chosen ¨My sunshine¨, which is the song I used to sing to Brooks as a baby and that is full of meaning to us. He has been and he is my sunshine, my hope, my happiness and my everyday ray of light. For the pendant (the cutest I´ve ever had!) I just simply chose his name (which of course, has so much to say to me). I love how both pieces can actually be styled with pretty much everything. Actually, I have not taken them off since I got them and I have received endless compliments, especially for the necklace!

Well, that´s all for today. I would love to hear your thoughts on motherhood, if you have any ideas for Sunday and if you liked this post!

Have a lovely weekend everyone and thanks once again for being there.


Irene Lara


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