Happy Feaster

Hola gorgeous people!

how was your week? it is finally Spring in London and we are seeing the first sunny days and the first blooming almond trees (how instagrammable are they?).

I must say that when I think of  Spring, Easter always comes to my mind. Since I was little, Easter was the start of this beautiful, fresh and  colourful season (which by the way, it is my favourite). There is something about Easter that means newness and freshness. It means new beginnings. It means time to get rid of bad habits and bad energies and hold on tight to that that makes us passionate and makes us feel good. And on this note, this year I have been extra lucky and I got to celebrate ¨Feaster¨ with my amazing Iceland family.

As you know, I have been collaborating with them for a while now and I always LOVE being part of their events. I started about a year ago using them for my weekly groceries so being up to date with the new releases and products it is just a real treat!

We celebrated Feaster in Soho. One again, we were lucky enough to have Neil Nuggent (Iceland´s chef) and his team cooking for us. The table was beautifully set up and we had the prettiest dreamed pink roses wall I have ever seen – really need one of these at home!!!. We started with a cooking session where we learned the most amazing tricks (as usual!).

We then headed to the table where the feast started.

To end, we had the funniest and more original dessert I have ever seen: my favourite Pavlova came served with a HELIUM BALLOON! it was literally hilarious! I will be sharing the official video soon so you can see what I mean 🙂

I am off to Spain next week where I will keep celebrating Easter with my family and friends, so I am really looking forward to that! what are your plans for Easter? are you celebrating with a big meal? would love to hear your menu ideas and your plans forthe next few days.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Much love,

Irene Lara




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