Getting BBQ ready with my Iceland family

Hello everyone! how was your weekend? I hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather (at least in London, where I am at the moment, it has been absolutely gorgeous over the last few weeks!! it feels just amazing!!). It also feels like time is just flying by lately. Literally can´t believe we will be in July in just a few days!

When we talk about Summer, there are things that always come to our mind. ¨Summer essentials¨ or ¨Summer basics¨. The beach, a picnic, pool fun and of course a good BBQ surrounded by friends, nice food and good music are my absolute favourites! And this is exactly what I did last week and wanted to talk to you about today: I spent the day with the Iceland team -who are also friends!- at the loveliest house and we had the best time with chef Neil Nugent.

As you may already know, Iceland is my number 1 choice for groceries for almost 2 years now and I must say I totally love these guys! the quality and diversity of the products is unbeatable and the convenience when ordering makes my life just so much better and easier!

As usual, Neil shared with us the most amazing cooking tricks. it is incredible the amount of possibilities and choices we have when it comes to  BBQ. We cooked eggs, veggies, lobster and of course meat -by the way, the cooked eggs with a hint of smoke and wood scent was literally the best egg I have EVER tasted! highly recommend you guys to try it! also, Neil also cooked PINEAPPLE!! I must say this was my favourite thing of the day. Yes, BBQ PINEAPPLE!!!!

With refreshing drinks and unbeatable company, we went through the full range of the Iceland BBQ products, that you can find here . We had delicious starters like avocado quesadiillas, the boiled eggs I mentioned before or peppers stuffed with quinoa. All of them so easy to make and a real treat to the palate! We then moved to the burgers. I was so impressed to see that Iceland has also incorporated a veggie burger that is full of taste. A great alternative to the classic meat products!

We carried on with lobster and salmon, They were delicious! it is amazing how the smoke gives such an special taste to anything when cooked on a BBQ. Also, before we started, Neil had  prepared a whole chicken and wrapped it on clay (can you believe it???). He then placed it on a washing machine tumble (which apparently is perfect o use because of the ventilation!) and left it cooking. When he cracked open the then solid clay and unwrapped the chicken, we all were fascinated by how juicy and tasty the chicken was. What an incredible trick guys!!!!

We ended the day with the BBQ pineapple and one of my all time favourites Iceland desserts that I always have at home: strawberry cheesecake!  it was juts the perfect end to a perfect Summer BBQ.

If you guys have any other tricks or BBQ favourites I would love to hear about them! I am actually already planning a BBQ at home for the next weekend as I have some friends visiting from Spain -and of course, I had to put my now ¨pro BBQ skills¨ learnt with Iceland into practice to impress them!

Thanks so much for reading! remember you can follow all my adventures on my Instagram (@studio4lara).

Have the best week guys!


Irene Lara



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