Perfect Family Sunday at ZSL London Zoo

Hola everyone! how have you been?

It feels like it has been forever since the last time I updated the blog. Things have changed a lot and I am finding a little hard to get back to a routine that works for both Brooks and I. But you know what they say, slowly but surely. I have finally understood that I cannot copy and carry on with all work, house and ¨mum life¨ on my own, so I am getting some help and have hired an assistant. Hopefully you will be getting a lot more here from now on, the aim is to keep posting at least every other day.

On this time of craziness with work and travel (if you guys follow me on Instagram you must know that I have spent the last few weeks all around the world for work!) I finaly got to spend a WHOLE WEEK at home in London -yeppyyyyy, much needed!-. I wanted to do something very special with Brooks over the weekend so I took it off work and planned a SUPER EXCITING day at London Zoo on Sunday. What a plan! I must admit I was not sure about what to expect as I have never been to this Zoo and I absolutely LOVED IT!

In the heart of London, ZSL London Zoo is located in Regents Park, literally 5 minutes away from my house! how incredible!

We arrived around 11am. Have to mention how easy to get there is. You can get the bus or the train, there are many possible combinations. We first went to visit the Aquarium, which was way bigger than I though it would be and had a great selection of species, including Piranhas and Sea horses. We followed with the Gorilla Kingdom, the Tiger Territory and the Penguins beach. How cute are penguins? we also attend one of the shows where the feed them and help us to understand how these amazing and unique birds live.

I also loved the exhibits where you could also interact with the animals. ¨In with the Spiders¨ or ¨In with the Lemurs¨, and specially the Butterfly Paradise, which I found just magical. I have never seen Brooks so excited, literally! We walked around and pretty much visited everything just in time before the closing. We also have lunch at The Terrace, which si the Zoo restaurant. It was lovely! I was also so impressed to see all the ¨Instagrammable¨ locations that you can find there!.

Of course, I have to make an special mention to the Land of the Lions, my absolute favourite part of the whole Zoo. If you know me a little, you already know that Liond are my all time favourite animal, but seeing them so close it is just special, and I had the opportunity to see these fascinating cats just a few inches away from me. INCREDIBLE.


Overall, I HIGHLY recommend to visit ZSL London Zoo. It is, of course, one of the main tourist attractions and no wonder why. It is a real gem in Central London.  We are actually already planning to go next weekend before the weather is not as nice!


Have you ever been to London Zoo? and if you have, what is your favourite part of it? would you recommend it? would love to hear your thoughts 🙂

Thanks once again for reading, have the best weekend!


Irene Lara



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