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Hi guys! How was your week? Mine has been pretty busy and is not getting any quiter, just packing right now to leave on another incredible adventure to Dubai! certainly this will be the most special time ever there because I am coming with the best company I could imagine: my parents and Brooks! Stay tunes and keep and eye on my Instagram if you want to see what we are up to while we are there!

And talking about special trips, today I wanted to write this post about one of my recent trips with one of my all time fav brands I have the absolute pleasure to work with: Revolve.  Something that many of you and many of the people I meet always ask about is how it is to work with them. I actually wanted to write this for a long time now! – but you know, things get crazy busy and I never find a moment to update the blog.

I will always remember the day we first got in touch, it was sometime around New York Fashion Week and I could not be more excited. As a fashion blogger, getting to work with them is probably one of the main goals and achievements anyone could dream about. And that´s exactly how I felt! I was so happy and excited to start something that has become part of my work and life. As I always call it, ¨my Revolve family.¨

As the year has almost come to an end, I look back and I cannot even remember all the trips I have been on with them ever since February. Coachella, Paris, London, Bermuda for the #RevolveSummer (yes, freaking BERMUDA!!!), New York on the opening of their most incredible Pop Up store or the last one this October in Vegas for #RevolveAwards. Yes, that´s a real #REVOLVEAROUNDTHEWORLD situation!

But there´s another trip I wanted to specially mention on this post, and it was the one I went on to in September at Revolve´s headquarters and home to majority of their amazing team: Los Angeles, of course!. If you follow me for a while I am sure you know that LA has become a second home to me. I am lucky enough to spend so much time there for work and it truly is a blessing because LA is one of my fave cities in the world and I always feel so inspired in every single corner. Those LA locations, right?


This time was a very special for the whole Revolve team. After a long time of hard work they finally launched Revolve Beauty, a whole new brunch where you can find the best make up, hair, body and skin care products from the best brands, all in one site. Certainly a big step for them and an amazing way for us consumers to be able to buy our favs in such an easy way.

Over a week, we brunched in the coolest LA spots, went on the funniest activities and workouts, discovered a bunch of new products and wore my fav clothes as usual! Of course, we partied like only Revolve knows. I mean, they took over Santa Monica Pier for a whole day where we played games, went on rides, danced and had food. I am literally still pinching myself about that day, did it really happen??? I must say I got so much stunning content that I still keep posting about it over 2 months after. Well, this actually always happens to me on most Revolve trips, check out their always stunning settings. What can I say about this bath????

And talking about this picture and about Revolve, I could not go without mentioning one of the most hard working, dedicated and passionate person I have ever known: Cassie. I will never forget the first time I met her – I mean in ¨real life¨ as we had already been talking on e-mail for work for a while- , it was in Bermuda and every time I think of her now I picture that moment: her walking into my room at The Rosewood welcoming me with her bright eyes and that smile that she always has. I liked her from the very first time! I mean, I already liked her on all the e-mails and all the communication we had had through work, but meeting her was just the confirmation of what an incredible human being she is. She lives for her job and she loves what she does. Maybe that´s why she is literally the best at it. It doesn´t matter what day it is, what time it is or what side of the globe she is working from, she is always there to answer any question, help me with any doubt or sorting something out for me. This is why I could never understand my whole Revolve experience without her, and I know for a fact that I am not the only one, EVERY SINGLE PERSON LIKES CASSIE! (yes, annoying :P). Literally every time I land wherever my Revolve week is first thing I do is look for her as I can´t wait to catch up! So babe, thanks so much for working so hard for me and a bunch of girls like me, you are a real MEGA WOMAN and deserve all the good things in this world. Love you and I hope to have you around for a long long time for work and of course as a friend -hey, you even came with me to get a piercing!

I am sure guys you have sometime met someone through work who you admire and has become a friend, would love to hear all about it! and of course, I cannot wait to my next #Revolve AroundTheWorld adventure and of course to see Cassie and the rest of my ¨Revolve Family¨!

Have the best of the weeks!


Irene Lara


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